Fee-per- session or pre-paid option 

We are unique amongst EAP providers in that we offer all of our EAP customers a choice between a pre-paid (fixed price) contract, or a fee-per session (pay-as-you-go) option.  Approximately 60% of our customers opt for the traditional pre-paid EAP model and 40% choose our sector-leading flexible pay-as-you-go EAP contract.

Fee-per- session EAP Contract

Our fee-per-session contract offers flexibility where demanded by budgets or procedures; you pay only for those counselling and advice sessions actually used by your employees.  A small management fee (of less than £1.00 per employee per annum) covers all launch and ongoing promotional literature, dedicated account management, clinical case management and class leading usage reports.

Pre-paid EAP Contract

Our pre-paid contract provides a fixed price for unlimited access to the service, thereby offering you certainty of costs for effective budget planning.  You pay a fixed subscription fee, which is calculated on the number of employees to be covered and whether you choose the Full or Telephone EAP.  The EAP subscription fee remains constant – irrespective of any higher than average usage by employees. This fixed EAP subscription covers all employee self-referrals.

Either contract option (fee-per-session or pre-paid) can be applied to the Full EAP or Telephone EAP package.

Full Service Employee Assistance Programme

The full service option offers counselling support through either face-to-face or telephone therapy.  Our UK-wide counselling network ensures that your employees can meet with a local counsellor, at a time and place of their choosing. 

Telephone Employee Assistance Programme

The Telephone service option is designed to suit diverse customer requirements and budgets, simply restricting access to counselling via telephone. Telephone counselling can offer greater accessibility in terms of time spent and scheduling. This EAP offers an approximate saving of 20-40% over our Full Service EAP.  Face-to-face counselling is still available, but only after specific authorisation by HR.