There are a number of reasons why an employee may be underperforming, which are not always so easy to recognise within the management skills of an organisation. Our expertise in this area can sensitively deal with these issues, whilst finding out the root cause of the issues and finding effective solutions.

Adult special educational and learning needs, such as Dyslexia, are supported by identifying an employee’s cognitive profile, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and understanding how their special needs may affect them psychologically, in and out of the workplace.

High potential employees can be “held back” because of their needs, but when properly supported, your organisation can realise untapped talent.

We can provide specialist on-site assessments to help employers determine if employees are affected by dyslexia or by other educational and learning needs.  Our assessor will de-brief HR or the commissioning manager, and will produce a detailed report outlining what actions, adjustments or other changes may be appropriate to help your employee manage their special need and improve their performance